American Chamber Choir
The American Chamber Choir is different from many professional choral groups. While the ACC is based in the Dallas Fort-Worth area, our goal is to be a national and international organization. The "American" part of its name has not been chosen lightly. Just as our country is a melting pot of many peoples and their cultures, so will the choir's music reflect many influences and styles. The singers' repertoire and sound will encompass broad parameters, rather than being too narrowly focused in one specific direction. Music from the Renaissance, for example, to opera choruses and jazz, secular and sacred, will be performed with the varieties of sound and emotion one would expect to hear in those diverse styles.\r\n\r\nA second part of this vision is a desire to be ambassadors for the highest levels of artistry in musical performance. We believe there is an important place for an ensemble of imaginative, passionate professionals with capabilities to inspire, challenge and even ente

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